Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Things I actually said to my children today

There's nothing like juggling motherhood and a full time career on a day when the kids' school is cancelled again due to extremely cold windchills to bring out my maternal instincts. Or maybe not. Because here are three things I admit to uttering today:

"Unless someone is dying or bleeding, do not come and get me."
 (My parting words of advice as I headed into the County Board meeting. I left the kids in my office with snacks, toys and Despicable Me 2 loaded in the DVD player.)

"I don't know how to get YouTube on the Xbox. Let's Facetime Dad so we can show him the screen and maybe he can talk you through it."
(Admittedly, not that funny. But still amazing to think how many of those words had not been created even just a few years ago.)

"Quick! Stand there and look normal before it catches on fire."

(As I was preparing to take down the tree decorations, I realized I'd never taken a picture of it this year.)

I can't wait to send the kids back to school tomorrow! I'm sure an above zero temperature is all I need to become my loving, motherly self again. Or maybe not.