A bit of background

I sometimes wonder about my sanity. And I don't blame my kids for that.

I love warm weather and tropical settings, and yet live in northern Minnesota near the shore of Lake Superior. Here, we consider ourselves lucky to see leaves on the trees five months a year, and the water temperature of the big lake rarely warms to more than 45 degrees.

I'm a non-runner who is attempting to run. I may run an occassional half marathon, but I will never be a runner. Runners are people who actually feel like a part of them is missing if they are unable to run for a few days. That's definitely not me. I need the pressure of a looming race to motivate myself to make running a priority.  (Though, recently, seeing photos of myself in a swimsuit also worked as motivation.)

It's by that same reasoning that I define myself as a writer. I love to write, and do feel like I'm missing something if I go too long without expressing myself through the written (typed) word. I credit my 5th grade teacher for helping me discover that. Thanks Mrs. Miller! I have no dreams of publishing the great American novel. Honestly, it's because I've never come up with a storyline that would be that compelling for others to read. However I do have plenty of other ideas for light-hearted shorter books. Someday...

In the meantime, I am extremely happy as a wife, mother and public relations professional. Life is good.