Saturday, February 15, 2014

Belle of the Ball

There's a highly popular tradition in our area, which I pretty much ignored until last year. And by "pretty much ignored", I mean I showed my typical lack of organization and so by the time I looked into buying tickets, it was sold out. 

The tradition is the annual Father/Daughter Ball. It's organized by a Duluth church and attendance has grown so dramatically that they spread it out over two weekends. Then, just to make the options a little more confusing, a Duluth restaurant started offering their own version. And with all those options, I still wasn't fast enough to buy tickets. Though apparently the moms of every other little girl in Sydney's circle of friends were. So for a year, I've been listening to Sydney ask how soon was the ball because she very much wanted to go.

This year, there was no disappointment.

I understand that Jeff and Sydney had a fantastic time on their date and already are looking forward to returning next year. But as fun as the ball was, I have to believe half the thrill came from the preparations. First of all, there was the dress selection. It was a hot debate between the sequined blue one you see, and a flowing bright green one that looks like something a figure skater would wear. (Spin doctor that I am, I settled the debate by suggesting the green one will make a nice Easter dress, and as an added bonus will also make a nice Palm Sunday dress, which means she gets to show it off for Grandpa and Grandma when we vacation in Florida next month.)

Next question: what to do with her hair. Styling hair is not one of my talents. And so we splurged and went with the princess treatment. I made an appointment at the salon where I get my hair cut.

For the first few minutes, Sydney couldn't see what was happening. Then the stylist turned the chair slightly and Sydney caught a glimpse in a mirror on the opposite wall. After that, she couldn't stop smiling. THIS was a hair-do worthy of a Disney princess.

Once home, she didn't want Daddy to see her hair until she was all ready. So we put on her dress, tights and shoes, along with lip gloss and small stickers to pretend she had ear rings. And then my little diva made her debut.

Only to discover the surprises weren't done yet. Daddy bought his date a corsage.

Along with a matching one for himself. (Note, these photos are totally staged. Neither one was particularly comfortable sticking long pins into clothes so close to vital organs, so I got to help with that part.)

After a few more photos, they were off!

They danced and dined and had their picture taken (not in that order) and then danced some more. The organizers thought of everything... including glow in the dark bracelets (big hit with the girls) and female helpers to assist the younger girls who needed to use the bathroom (big hit with the dads).

It was an absolutely wonderful night, both concluded. A night that set a standard that future boyfriends will have a tough time living up to. As I heard one dad say later, it's amazing how every dad there had the prettiest girl at the ball.

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