Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's your sign?

Every so often, the kids unexpectedly delight us by saying or doing something really impressive that we know we didn't teach them. Usually the credit goes to our daycare, such as when AJ started counting or singing the alphabet song. That tradition seems to be continuing with Sydney, though she may want to work on her timing.

Sydney wanted Cheerios for breakfast, so I poured some in a bowl along with milk. She promptly ate it up, so I asked if she'd like some more.

"Yeah!" was her enthusiastic response. She slowed down a bit on the second bowl, though continued nibbling away. So when I finished my cereal, I left her at the table to finish eating while I started the dishes.

A very short time later I heard the horrible sound of a whole lot of cereal cascading from the box all over the table. Sydney didn't actually say, "Uh oh," but you could tell from the look on her face that she was thinking it.

I couldn't resist asking, "Did you want some more, Sydney?"

And that's when she brought her thumbs and pointer fingers together, perfectly demonstrating sign language for "more".

On second thought, I'd say her timing was perfect, because how do you scold a child who's just shown you something so cool?

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