Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sockin' with 70s toys

Ahhh... another example of oldies but goodies. For some reason it makes me proud to see the toys of my generation available again on store shelves. Or maybe I just like being able to buy the toys I always wanted, but never got as a child.

When I first saw the Socker Boppers, I made the rookie mistake of buying a box of two. Silly me. I should have remembered you can't battle with just two. Either one kid has two of the inflatable boxing mitts and the other is left unarmed, or else each child has just one, and that simply doesn't work.

And so a few weeks passed with barely a bout until finally I was able to get back to the store and buy a second set. And then it was let's get ready to rumble!

As the kids went at it, it became clear that their excitement over the Socker Boppers was based on more than just my endorsement. Apparently a kid-targeted advertising campaign has been running. Because as Sydney and AJ came to blows, Sydney sang out a nice little jingle, "More fun than a pillow fight!"

Don't get me wrong – she's a creative kid. But not that creative. Or musically inclined. Clearly, she was mimicking a commercial.

AJ, meanwhile, enjoyed copying his favorite NHL players. I think he likes dropping gloves more than he likes punching with them.

I know parents who've been accused of living vicariously through their kids' talents. I'm perfectly content living vicariously through my kids' toys.

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