Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy fake birthday

AJ was born in 2005 on the day before the Super Bowl. Via emergency C-section. It was remarkably inconvenient timing, I recall thinking back then, because it really really hurts to laugh at Super Bowl commercials one day after getting an incision like that. 

It didn't occur to me at the time that the date would also lead to years of difficulty scheduling birthday parties around the big game. It also hadn't occurred to me there would be scheduling difficulties due to another big game.

Of course, AJ could have been born just about any time in January or February and there would have been problems due to hockey. Because there's always hockey. But we decided to work it in our favor this year, inviting my sister and brother and their families to come and watch one of AJ's games, and then have his party afterward.

If you know how much my sister doesn't like cold weather, you know how much she loves my son to stand outside for an hour and watch him play.

AJ was pretty excited to show his cousin around the new warming house and introduce him to his teammates.

After the game, which AJ's team won by a landslide, we headed home for the party. 

Here are lots of pictures from the gift opening. His cousin Jessica was also there but chose not to squeeze in on the floor with the rest of the kids. Probably because her foot hurt or something.

I'm hoping AJ was trying to be helpful - as opposed to offering a commentary on my cooking/baking skills - when he requested that we have Sammy's Pizza and Dairy Queen ice cream cake at the party.

As for the headline on this story, Sydney woke up Sunday morning and wanted to give AJ a special greeting. She knew it wasn't his birthday, but since there was going to be a party she figured she needed to say something, so she called out "Happy belated birthday, Alex!" 

I explained that you say belated if it's after his birthday, not before. So instead we wished him a happy fake birthday. It'll do, until the real big day.

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