Sunday, February 2, 2014

Still here!

Last night, we watched my brother's kids for a few hours. While they were here, I took some pictures of the fun. And that's when AJ asked (in a genuinely confused voice) "What are you going to do with those?"

Has it really been that long since I blogged? My kids used to be so well trained. The camera came out, and they knew it would end up on the blog. 

Then, today, as if confirmation was needed, my sister commented that it'd been like a month since I'd blogged. Not quite. (I just checked) but really close.

So here are some pictures from last night. In case anyone doesn't recognize them, since it's been so long since I've written, my two are the biggest kids in the picture below. This was during the "let's calm down" phase of the eveing. Popcorn and a DVD. It worked fabulously. For about three minutes.

I have to say, the kids are at wonderfully fun ages. Zoe communicates volumes without saying a word.

While the boys just make volumes of sound. Nobody lost an eye, but it was still fun.

Of course AJ did his best to get them all interested in his favorite sport, providing mini sticks for all to join in a game of knee hockey.

The stick with the flashing light and goal siren was a hit with Zoe.

I have to admit, not only am I out of practice at writing. But also with photography. My camera battery after just a few shots. I charged it up, but not before the evening had come to an end. And now that I've uploaded the photos I did take, I see that there were some on the memory card from early January.

I better get blogging.

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