Monday, October 13, 2008

Let the sugar rush begin

Halloween is still 18 days away, and already the trick-or-treating opportunities have started. Never mind that we're still working on the candy haul from last summer's parades. The Sponge Bob bucket is again nearly full thanks to the loot AJ picked up Saturday at Boo at the Zoo.

Our fairy friends, Addie and Lily, joined us, on what turned out to be a perfect day weather-wise. It was a treat for me to not have to squeeze coats under the costumes.

Besides the spooky stuff, the kids enjoyed checking out the animals. I don't think any of Sydney's tootsie rolls ended up in any cages. Though plenty of chocolate-colored drool ended up on her costume.
These kids' costumes are certainly getting used this year. Next up is the daycare Halloween party on Oct. 24, followed by the Anoka Grey Ghost run the next day. And I think AJ has now worn his costume for at least a short time every day for the last week. He's very careful with it, and follows all the rules. (i.e. he has to take it off before eating anything, so that he doesn't spill on it.) It's probably a good thing that he won't be at daycare on Halloween. He would need help getting out of the costume every time he needed to use the bathroom.
Sydney, meanwhile, has slowly warmed to wearing the cow costume. She's not wild about having the hood up, but otherwise likes it. She nearly had a fit when she saw it going into the washing machine. I tried explaining that we only wanted black spots on the cow costumes, not brown and blue spots from the candy she'd been eating. Logic doesn't work well with toddlers either.

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