Monday, September 20, 2010

Fair education

What did I learn at the Fair this year? That my camera lens needs to be replaced. No, this photo of my kids with their cousins wasn't shot through a chain link fence. It was shot with a lens that hasn't been protected by a lens cap for far too long.

What did AJ learn at the Fair this year? Before you stick your head through the cut-out in a piece of plywood, you should probably first check what's painted on the other side.

Actually, I have no idea if the lesson will stick. What he does remember is the sugary sweets he found in abundance. Sweet Martha's cookies and cotton candy. Is it any wonder he loves the fair?

Sydney learned that three minutes is a long time to bounce. Mommy, meanwhile learned that sometimes you have to be rude to children whose parents are even ruder. Otherwise you'll be standing in line forever.

The Minnesota Twins had their usual fan games set up. Unfortunately the people they'd hired to supervise the games were clearly bored with their jobs. The guy who should have been watching the line for the bouncy house was too busy texting on his phone to pay attention to the kids who were cutting in line... while their parents were watching. I finally looked at two little kids and said rather loudly, "Excuse me, you need to wait in line like everyone else." It was amazing, and satisfying, to see how many parents finally snapped to attention and remembered basic manners.
That's it for the Fair this year. Until the next Great Minnesota Get-together...

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